Compensation Plan

The Social Pool Network

Compensation Plan

The Social Pool Network (TSPN) Compensation Plan offers 2 simple, but dynamic ways to earn income by referring others to join their organization and share in the great services provided. Commissions are paid on a bi-weekly and monthly basis.

Here is a list of the 2 bonuses:

  • First Order Bonus
  • Binary Team Commissions


First Order Bonus:

The First Order Bonus is paid from the initial monthly league dues and not the Annual Distributor Membership of anyone who enrolls. The First Order Bonus pays a total of 3 generations in the Enroller Tree and utilizes dynamic compression for maximum payout.  This bonus pays 30% to your 1st generation, 15% to your 2nd generation, and 5% to your 3rd generation. This bonus is paid bi-weekly. To qualify, you must be an Active Distributor with at least 40 PV.

Below is an example of the First Order Bonus and the amount it would pay to each generation based on a 40 PV enrollment.

First Order Bonus


% Paid

Commission Amount

1st Generation



2nd Generation



3rd Generation




Binary Team Commission:

The Binary Team Commission is the residual portion on the compensation plan and pays on all orders outside of those paid through the First Order Bonus. The Binary Team Commission pays 20% of your total Lesser Leg volume in the Binary Tree. This commission is paid monthly on the 10th of each month for the month previous. To qualify, you must be an Active Distributor with at least 40 PV and 2 personally sponsored Active Distributors, one in your right leg and one in your left leg.

Binary Team Commissions

20% of volume from lesser leg





Glossary of Terms:

Personal Volume (PV) - The volume generated from personal purchases made by a Distributor.

Distributor - An independent contractor who has potential to earn commissions through the compensation plan.

Customer - A non-Distributor who has a monthly recurring order.

Personal Enrolled Active Distributor (PE) - A Distributor that is personally enrolled by a particular Distributor and meets the 40 PV Active requirement.

Leg - A Distributor and their entire organization below them on each side of their location in the Binary Placement Tree.

Active Distributor - A Distributor who maintains at least 40 PV each month.

Qualified - A Distributor who has met the requirements of 40 PV and 2 PE and is eligible to be paid commissions.

Downline - The network of Distributors or Customers who exist below a Distributor.

Upline - An Enroller and all other Distributors above a particular Distributor.

Dynamic Compression - A method used to calculate commissions and bonuses by first removing both inactive and unqualified Distributors from the genealogy tree, thereby maximizing payout to Distributors who do qualify.

Enroller - A Distributor who personally enrolls a new Distributor or Customer.

Enroller Tree - The genealogy tree that reflects Distributor enrollment as it actually occurs.

Binary Placement Tree - The tree that reflects the placements of all Distributors and Customers within the Company.  Binary Tree is confined to just two level 1 or frontline legs.

Generation – Each level of your Enroller tree. i.e. the Distributors or Customers who you personally enroll (your 1st generation) and those Distributors and/or Customers who your 1st generation personally enrolls (your 2nd generation) and those Distributors and/or Customers who your 2nd generation personally enrolls (your 3rd generation).